Coaching my client this morning was a lot of fun.

I told her that allowing her brain to think whatever it wanted without questioning it or managing it at all was like letting a toddler run around her living room with a sharpie in their hand.  And the sharpie has no top.  Nothing good is going to happen here.

Allowing your brain to think whatever thoughts it wants to without questioning them is the same – almost no good is going to come from this.

In every situation in life, there are the facts and then there are thoughts.  The facts in a situation are just that – facts.  The cold, hard facts, the “math” in the situation.  And they are completely neutral.  Not good, not bad until you have a thought about them.

And these thoughts, though they seem automatic are actually optional.  You can choose to think whatever you want about any circumstance in your life.

I’ll give you an example.  One that we run across often is someone who wants to lose weight.  The facts or the circumstance is that person’s weight.  It’s factual and can be proven in a court of law.  The number of pounds this person weighs.  And its completely neutral.  Not good or bad, until the individual has a thought about it.

Let’s say this was a woman who weighs 200 lbs and she wants to weigh 125 lbs.  Her thought about it is something along the lines of “I want to be smaller” or “I’m overweight” or “I hate my body” and then she might feel disgusted or discouraged or some other negative feeling.

She thinks she feels this negative feeling as a result of the scale reading 200 lbs, but she’s mistaken.  She feels the feeling because of the thought she has about the number on the scale.  And that’s all totally optional.

Contrast this example with a man who has recently put on some muscle and gained weight on purpose.  So his scale says 200 lbs and he’s thrilled about it.  Same circumstance here – the scale reads 200 lbs, but his thoughts are not that he’s overweight or that he wants to be smaller.

His thought probably makes him feel some positive emotion, which will in turn, drive him to take actions that continue to give him good results in his life.

Going back to our first example, this lovely woman who wants to lose weight can choose to think “I love my body and so I’m going to treat it as best I can.”  This thought makes her feel loving towards herself, which drives her to take the time daily to prepare healthful foods, to go to the gym regularly and to finish each day with an evening walk with her husband.

The result of these actions is that her body gets in great shape because of the actions she takes in her life.  All as a direct result of the thought she chooses to think.  She chooses to run after that toddler with the sharpie and get it back.  She carefully chooses her thoughts and finds ones that will serve her best.

If you’ve never taken the time to question your thoughts, it may be a great option for you.  You will find as you do this, that you’re able to achieve so much more in your life.  Life coaching can do this for you.  I can help you identify the thoughts that may not be serving you and show you how to choose better thoughts.  It’s magical, I promise.