If you're like most of the military wives I talk to, life feels hard, but you're surviving through it. You love your family and are glad to support your husband, but you crave more connection with your husband and want life to feel not so impossible.

As the years have gone by, you feel lost, as though somewhere along the way, you became an afterthought. You’re in constant survival mode, afraid to settle in or stop worrying about the next move, the next deployment, the next goodbye to your child’s best friend. You are proud of your husband’s service yet you want more for your marriage and your life.

you want to

be connected to your husband, whether he's home or gone

handle life better, (including deployments!)

find purpose, drive, and passion for your life

face your husband’s absences with confidence, knowing you can handle it

I wanted all of that too.

A few years ago, after our family returned from a 3 year overseas assignment, I looked around and realized that I had everything I had ever wanted – the husband (a really cute air force pilot that could always make me laugh) and the kids (3 of the loudest humans I’ve ever met) and the house (which needed major updating). But faced with a long year of back to back extended day’s in the middle of a house renovation, and it started to feel like my life was falling apart.

I was fighting with my husband and regularly losing it on my kids. Self care was nonexistent and I felt drained, emotionally, mentally. I had everything I had ever wanted but it felt so far from the ‘dream life’ I had ever pictured. I felt lost, uncertain, and full of painful self doubt.

I was, in a word, surviving, and only just barely doing that.

Then, I found life coaching.

 I learned powerful tools that I used to change things for me, on a deeply personal level. On the outside, my life looked the same, but on the inside, it couldn’t be more different. I no longer wallow in self doubt or pity and am confidently creating the life that I want to have.

There’s less fighting, less judgement and more love, more calm. My marriage is better than it's ever been (without having to convince my husband to go to counseling with me, which had always been a hard no). I feel peaceful and confident about the future, knowing I am absolutely ready to be the wife and mom that my family needs me to be.

I’m here to teach you the exact same tools I used to turn things around for myself. I’m the guide who will show you the path to your beautiful life.

You got this girl. Let me show you how.

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What Clients are Saying

After joining the club and working with Becca, I feel like I am happier. I feel like I have a better way to communicate and connect in my marriage. I know that I am the only one that can control how I feel and what I am thinking. I know that it is hard sometimes to stop and recognize the thoughts right in the moment but we can just stop and take a moment before reacting.


member of the she thrives coaching club

With Becca’s help, I was able to see how just by simply changing my thoughts, my entire outlook could shift from one of judgment to one of kindness and love for myself and for my husband. I think Becca’s program is perfect for the military wife who is looking to better her life and marriage and to truly learn how to love and care for herself, her spouse, and her family.


member of the she thrives coaching club

I have in the past had struggles finding joy in the present and instead waiting to find it in the future. Before coaching I felt so out of control and that my happiness was in the hands of my husband and circumstances life threw at us. Life is messy and people are imperfect. The thought of working on myself sounded like I just needed to be better at everything. But instead we work on loving ourselves where we are and others where they are.


member of the she thrives coaching club

The community and support in Becca's club is unparalleled. The environment that Becca creates is a safe, secure, but a vulnerable space where you can be yourself and learn how to improve yourself. Becca is the best coach because not only does she support you and validate everything you feel, but she will call you out and help you figure out how to change your mindset and do the work to have the life you want.


member of the she thrives coaching club

My biggest breakthrough is realizing that I am in control. I decided that I wanted to love my husband and the only thing I needed to change was my thought process. I’m not perfect at the model but I’m trying and that’s enough. We are all our own persons and it’s perfectly fine to own up to our actions. That’s a first for me—to stop putting unrealistic guidelines on my behaviors and habits. 


military wife